2022 Events

June 18--Juneteenth Celebration at New Albany/Floyd Co. Library--full ensemble performance outdoors.

June 17--Brooklawn Festival with Sheri and Gregory.

Djembe workshops for all students and staff. 

June 9--Seven Generations/Future Ancestors Camp at Bernheim with Sheri and Gregory. Afternoon djembe workshop and evening sharing by campers.

April 23--Jeffersontown Cultural Festival, Veteran's Park.

full ensemble, 12-1 PM.

April-May--Bowen Elementary Arts For All Kentucky residency with Gregory and Hamidou. All 4th and 5th graders particiating, outside culminating performance for parents and fellow students.

September--Village School of Louisville. Residency and performance with Hamidou and Gregory.

2020-21  EVENTS

Grassroots Radio Conference (Virtual), 8:30 PM. Kuvebo! joins local Louisville performers Dane Waters, Rmllw2llz, and Buddy Crime, at this annual gathering of grassroots radio stations. Featured speakers from all over the country, including Chuck D (Public Enemy)--"and you can't stop radio." 

Bowling Green International Festival (Virtual) at 12 noon (11 Central Time)--join Kuvebo! on line for the festival, which runs all day with live performances and festival-specific video, plus archival treasures of past festivals, virtual booths, and more. For video footage, visit: www.bginternationalfest.com

WXOX 97.1 FM/ArtxFM.com Voix de Ville 

Marriott Hotel Vizient Conference Kick-Off

Louisville Collegiate School International Night

Spalding University Elmer Lucille Allen African American Undergraduate Conference


Kuvebo! enjoyed a full season of events in 2019, including performances and workshops for:

  • Kentucky Refugee Ministries
  • Ghana Association of Louisville
  • Office of Globalization Immigration and

         Inclusion Conference

  • Louisville's WORLDFEST
  • Opening Night at Churchill Downs
  • Indiana University Southeast
  • ​21C Hotel and Art Gallery
  • United Methodist Church
  • March of Dimes Walk
  • Smoketown Wellness
  • Bullitt Co., Shelby Co., Somerset, and Bowling Green Public Libraries
  • Evansville Suzuki
  • J-Town Military Family Celebration
  • Greentree Mall
  • Fort Knox Children's Summer Programs
  • Kentucky Coalition for Arts Education Summit
  • Atria Senior Living
  • Bernheim Forest CONNECT and Colorfest
  • Bridge Kids African Heritage Camp and Festival
  • ​New Albany Harvest Homecoming
  • Floyd's Fork Community Celebration
  • JCTC International Education Week
  • Memory Cafe

Sound CommunityLouisville

Kuvebo! members Hamidou Koivogui, Sheri Carbone, and Gregory Acker have also worked as artists in residence with the following schools:

  • Village School of Louisville
  • Heartland Elementary
  • Indian Trail Elementary
  • McFerran Preparatory Academy
  • Westport Middle School
  • Home of the Innocents
  • The Brook
  • Louisville and New Albany Montessori 
  • Kentucky Country Day
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • Binet School
  • Maryville Elementary
  • Highland Presbyterian Weekday School
  • Ascension School

2022 UPCOMING Events

September 2--Louisville's WORLDFEST. 6-7PM Main Stage.

September 10--Radcliff Cultural Festival, 2:30-3:30 PM Main Stage

September 10--Bernheim CONNECT, 4-8 PM, location TBD.