Kuvebo! has just recorded our 1st CD! Thanks to the amazing efforts of Raise the Roof Recording, Steve Wilson and Bob Douglas, and to our generous Kickstarter supporters around the world. We have them in stock now and ready to order, along with other Kuvebo! merchandise, on our Merch page. 


Kuvebo! members with dancers Hamidou Koivogui and Moha Dosso at various community performances

Resident Company

Kuvebo! artists perform music from West Africa, including songs in traditional languages, flutes, thumb pianos, slit drums, djembes and dundun drums, and more. Led by artistic director Hamidou Koivogui (Guinea), and featuring additional performers with extensive background in West African music, Kuvebo! takes audiences as close to West Africa as possible without leaving home! All Kuvebo! shows incude tailored costumes, West African village backdrops, and above all—invitations to join in the fun!

Sound Community offers world music and dance  workshops and performances at numerous locations throughout Louisville, KY and regionally. We are devoted to hands-on participation in culture-based art forms. We also host accessible, low-cost events featuring local world music and dance performers, and offer public workshops and classes for adults and families. Join us for our upcoming events!

KUVEBO! is Sound Community's resident West African drum and dance company, featuring performances and workshops presenting these community-building art forms. ​ 

KUVEBO!  means "village style drum and dance party" in Hamidou Koivogui's home in Guinea, West Africa. Now residing in Louisville, KY, Hamidou brings his music and dance traditions to our communities, with experienced artist-educator collaborators and dedicated students. Kuvebo! performs for festivals, concerts, and in public parks, for sponsors including  Adventure Camp, Bernheim Forest, Arts Council of Louisville, Ghana Association of Louisville, Louisville Free Public Library, Jefferson Community and Technical College, U of L, and Louisville’s Worldfest.

Sound Community Louisville

Kuvebo! artists bring participatory West African music, singing, and dance, to any group of any ability. Veteran dancer Hamidou Koivogui's home country of Guinea is the destination for participants, who learn to sing, dance, and drum a popular celebration rhythm called KuKu. Along the way, the artists demonstrate traditional drumming styles, explain cultural background, and even help people find Guinea on the map!

Artists provide up to 30 djembe drums and plenty of other support percussion--shakers, bells--and can provide (if needed) seating for up to 15 participants.Seating is required for djembe players, but additional participants can sit anywhere,and groups can rotate in to try the drums if the group is large.